While settings can be exported from one SonicWall to another, not every model of SonicWall is compatible with all others. Similarly, some firmware versions are not compatible with subsequent versions as new features were added or changes were made to existing features. This article details which settings files are supported to and from each SonicWall UTM device to help administrators avoid possible settings corruption from unsupported settings Imports.

To learn more see Importing Configuration Settings located in the SonicOS 6.5 Upgrade Guide.


Support Matrix for Importing Preferences from Gen5 to Gen6 Products

NOTE: Upgrading from SonicOS 5.9.0.x to SonicOS 6.1.x.x is not supported at this time.

NOTE: SonicOSV running on NSv does NOT support settings import from a Physical to Virtual Nsv

Failing to follow the guidelines as provided in this article may result in a failed upgrade and/or corruption of the configuration file, which would then require a manual configuration of the firewall settings.

TIP: When importing settings to a TZ Series Firewall, make sure to disable Portshield on the destination Firewall beforehand to ensure the interface configuration will be updated.

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