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Re: Rechargeable batteries for use with Arlo cameras

I would like to thank you for your posts and contributions! I want to make sure you take a look at an article outlining best practices when it comes to batteries. For those involved in this discussion I encourage you to review Remember these golden rules for your Arlo camera batteries along with BATTERY WARNINGS AND SAFETY.

We strongly recommend using one of the following types of batteries:

The non-rechargeable batteries supplied with your Arlo Wire-Free cameras
Tenergy Li-Ion RCR123A 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable batteries specifically marked “Works with Arlo”
Non-rechargeable batteries from other high quality, established, well-known manufacturers such as Panasonic®, Energizer®, or Duracell®

NEVER try to recharge the C123A batteries that came with your Arlo camera as they are non-rechargeable.
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Re: Rechargeable batteries for use with Arlo cameras
Coltsbro84 wrote;
I have since then ordered four Nitecore batteries, rated at 3.7 volts and 650mah. Now the volts are 0.5 higher than what's to be used with the camera, I'm hoping that this does not affect the camera. 650mah is probably true from the reviews and the steep price tag they are asking of around $10 per battery. I'm hoping that they are quality batteries and worth it, and I purchased a Nitecore charger to go with it. I'll be able to test them out here in a few days and get back with everyone on performance.
I just want to know, has anyone tried the rechargeable batteries that I have mentioned? Or do you have other suggestions?

Hi Coltsbro...

I'll try to answer as best I can.
Try and read thru this thread;

You have to remember the primary CR123 cells ( non-rechargeable ) are rated at 1500mahr and their unused voltage about 3.2v (called 3v cells).
They have a fairly level drain rate without a sudden drop out. These should last about 4+ months with usage in specs( specs calling for 4 mins per day )and camera set for Optimized quality.

This being said, any cell with a lower rating of currrent basicly will last the percentage of same. .So, 750mahr cells will last 1/2 or less compared to the normal cells.

First, The problem with rechargeables is that most will have a lower rating compared to the primary cells AND they have a fast V drop at the end of use life.
The higher voltage of the 3.7v cells does't give the batteries more life per say re voltage because the rechargeables are considered end of use life after about a 1v drop anyway... so even tho the voltage may be near the non-rechargeable cell of 3v, it is in effect is depleted. What matters is the mahr rating, higher mahr rating equals longer run time based on current draw.
**( btw, the 3.7v cells will not harm the cameras )**

Second, if is known at this point in time the rechargeables do not show an accurate power reading in the camera. At my last test, the battery indicator was red/empty but the camera functioned for more than 3 weeks.

So far I've tested 2 different rechargeables cells ( another person or two on site is/are also testing 3v rechargeables) in the 3.7v rated at 2300 mahr. (The ratings tho are inflated and I believe them to be closer to 1000 mahr ) The higher rated cells are called 16340 cells and they have size specs similar to 123 cells but variences may cause some brands not to fit so be careful in choice. Take a look at Ebay to get some ideas of what I mean... most are called 16340/123 cells. One called ultrafire, another gtl. (Still, be careful in purchase as one of my cells was doa )

As to your original rechargeables, it does sound like something was wrong.. to my knowledge, it take aprox 110% -120% of the rating in charge time in a slow you 500ma charger should take more than 1.5 hours to full charge.

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Go here for the above thread
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