How to Upgrade Sonicpoint Firmware
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How to Upgrade Sonicpoint Firmware



You can upgrade SonicPoint firmware in three following modes.

1. Managed Mode (Automatic Update)
2. Standalone Mode (Manual Update)
3. Safe Mode (Manual Update)


1. Managed Mode (Automatic Update)

Step 2: Make sure you have downloaded the SonicPoint firmware to your local PC. You can get SonicPoint firmware from or contact SonicWall support service.
SonicPoint-N Firmware Version: 5.8.X.
SonicPoint-Ni/Ne Firmware Version: 6.8.X.
SonicPoint-NDR Firmware Version: 7.8.X.
SonicPoint-AC/NDRv2 Firmware Version 8.8.X.

See Tech Note here:

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