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Apr 25, 2014 8:16 PM

Re: U-verse is slower than my DSL was....
Well, you can tell when any salesman is lying. Just watch for his lips moving, that's how you know.

AT&T doesn't have their own door-to-door sales people, the contract that out. And some of the companies don't always shoot straight. Sometimes they just don't understand and make stuff up.

Your 100 Mbps cable High Speed Internet (HSI) connection may perform better, or worse, than an 18 Mbps U-verse VDSL2 connection.

Fact: Most U-verse connections are not actually fiber optic all the way to the home.
Fact: Most U-verse connections are fiber to a device near your home called a VRAD, then copper to your home.
Fact: Most Cable connections are fiber to a node, and then to your home.
Fact: The U-verse connection copper is only used by your home.
Fact: Most Cable connections are a branching coax network used by many homes.

So... that 100 Mbps may only be 100 Mbps when your neighbors aren't using the Internet. You may never quite get 100 Mbps due to issues with the connection (like when your neighbor disconnects one of his cable ends letting signals reflect off it).

The 18 Mbps connection is a loop dedicated to you. It is much less likely to be affected in anyway by your neighbors (and only then by crosstalk and RF noise, i.e. not normal situations).

The connection back to the headend or CO from the local node is shared fiber for both, so not as much difference there.

My U-verse HSI connection has been rock solid for the 3 years I've had it. My Cable connection was like that for the first 9 months I had it. The last couple of years I constantly had to reboot my cable modem and that was the solution offered by the cable company. Some times 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes I could go 3 days without. It was so bad I originally got my AT&T DSL line as a back up to use when the cable didn't work.
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Re: I have 100 mbps with my cable company and U-Verse says their 18 mbps will keep me just as happy.
Plain and simple yes. Cable is notorious for lying about individual speeds higher than what you would get at your house. U verse gives you a dedicated 18mbps. It may not be FTTP but it is FTTN and in many markets the speeds are 1gbps. Back to cable, it uses a shared loop network...meaning your whole neighborhood gets the 100mps. Fact 10 people in your block with cable having 100mbps is like having just 10mbps. Not to mention they throttle things such as netflix and many others. Cable is just plain horrible. Cable is copper after alter. I know in time the dedicated speeds that u verse offers will crush cable. I live out of state and the phone company gives us 40mps dedicated and not shared with your neighbors. VDSL is 60/30 up here. FTTP is 100, 500, and 1000mps aka 1gps.
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