Inside the Sony Breach

Novetta CEO LaMontagne on Lessons Learned from the Attack

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Security vendor Novetta recently led an independent investigation into the 2014 Sony breach. What lessons were learned, and how do they apply to today's threat landscape? Novetta's Peter LaMontagne shares key findings.

Operation Blockbuster is the name of the investigation into the breach, which Novetta attributes to an entity known as the Lazarus Group, which may be responsible for several other major breaches.

LaMontagne, CEO of Novetta, explains the reason behind the investigation:

"We wanted to help our customers understand at a technical level what exactly happened with the Sony hack, why it was significant and, most importantly, we wanted to ensure that our customers were equipped with the right technical resources to examine their own networks and protect their information assets."

Novetta agrees with initial reports attributing the Sony attack to threat actors based in North Korea. "And what was really significant about the nature of this attack is that we saw simultaneously occurring: this notion of a ransomware approach; actual vandalism of wiping discs; as well as counter-intelligence, or stealing information," he says. "This notion of a multi-pronged attack being coordinated by a single actor is really inconsistent with most threat-actor groups that we see."

In an interview about the investigation and lessons learned, LaMontagne discusses:

What was unique about the Sony attack;
The attackers' methodologies;
How these lessons apply to incidents we see today.
LaMontagne is responsible for establishing and guiding Novetta's corporate strategy as well as overall performance.

Read the full story and Video Interview here:

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