Barracuda Phone System CudaTel Discontinued (EOL)

Posted Yesterday July 12th, 2016 - 01:39 PM

I was recently told today by our Support Manager that Barracuda has indeed decided to stop manufacturing the BPS as of July 29th, 2016. It looks like Doug Penny was correct in his post a few weeks back when the topic was changed. Looks like someone just updated the website a little early. I am told Support will remain in effect till 2019. Will fixes to existing problems still be implemented into future firmware releases? Will there even be any firmware releases? This is disappointing guys ... however I would like to know suggestions for a migration path away from BPS as I'm sure our customers will be asking once they hear the news...


Indeed, It's been a lot of years we've worked together on Cudatel/BPS. You've always been one of the most founding members, and strongest supporters in the product. Even our own support team views you the same way they would Ken Coe or Robert Stevens. We're going to see you through on this.

As to your questions, we do intend to release addition firmwares, with critical bugfixes and security definitions to be just as up to date as any other appliance.

The public announce was to by July 19th, and I'm not sure how CUDA admins are going to respond to breaching the date like this in the forums, which we asked for resellers not to do specifically.

The migration paths will be talked about in tomorrows webinar that is listed in an email all BPS resellers got at 10am pacific today.

Interestingly we do have new hardware about twice as fast as prior gen that we can swap out with IR if you're hitting one of the issues around performance.


Like I said, it's the same crew you've been in the trenches with here at the CUDA. The product was successful, it just didn't fit into the larger direction things are going with the cloud and CUDA's focus. Heck, look at intel, they shed as many employees as ten CUDAs and didn't even blink, as they shift to the cloud. The size of these industry deals have an immense amount of gravity in the industry as a whole.