Issue: "Phone is Unreachable" from ShoreTel Communicator VoiceMail Window trying to listen to a VoiceMail

Google search will result in a few match's on this issue, However 99% of the postings are a question that never get's answered. Or they are so far fetched, such as: Check your firewall setting. Yikes.

Anyway -

So this worked for us and at least one other...

To Re-Cap:

ShoreTel user reports / launching VoiceMail window from communicator. Clicks VM to listen and is presented "Phone is unreachable" error.

Trying all other options / this worked and makes a bit of sense.


Shoretel User ABC / Ext 2500 is the user having trouble.

Assign User ABC / Ext to 2599 and save for example.

Add a "new" User Dummy / Ext 2500 and save.

Then check User ABC to see if they can listen to VM from the communicator with their "new" allocated Ext.


Then go back to the User Dummy profile and delete it.

Then go back to User ABC / and reassign back to Ext 2500 Save and test.

Should be good

Ticket Closed...

Hope this works for you


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