This new Ransomware is a nasty one as it not only encrypts the data on the hard drive but also the master boot record.

The master boot record once encrypted renders that hard drive useless. We have signatures for it and can protect against it (see SonicAlert message below). Here is also a great KB article on how to protect against Ransomwares.

Best Practices to protect against CryptoWall and CryptoLocker (SW12434)

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The Dell Sonicwall Threat Research team has received reports of yet another ransomware called Petya. It is no different than other ransomwares, but instead of just encrypting files, it overwrites the system's master boot record (MBR) effectively locking the victim out and rendering the machine unusable unless payment is made.

Detected as:

· GAV: Petya.AB (Trojan)
· GAV: Petya.AC (Trojan)
· GAV: Petya.AD (Trojan)

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