This procedure assumes that the device is connected to the network and a phone is connected to the unit:

From the Phone:
•Pick up the handset and dial **** then 110#.
•The adapter will announce the IP address for you.

From the Computer:
•Open a web browser, and navigate to the IP address for the phone.
•Click on the Admin link on the top-right (the default login is admin with no password) , then click Advanced in the top right corner of the page.
•Under the Provisioning tab on the top, make sure Provision Enable is set to Yes.
•Enter the value http://<ip address of the Cudatel>/provision/cisco/$PN/$MA.xml in the field named Profile Rule, select HTTP for Transport Protocol, and then click the button labeled Submit All Changes.

Now one tricky part is that after following these steps the SPA should reboot and come up as an available device in the Cudatel GUI. However I have found with experience that most of the time it will not reboot on its own and you will need to actually issue a restart command from the GUI. Once done though you should have it working without issue.

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