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How to setup Engenius AP's for Roaming227

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EAP300 EnGenius EAP3000 802.11n Wireless Access Point

Engenius Gigabit Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Injector with Power Supply, 802.3af Compliant

When using multiple EnGenius Access Points , as an example, 3 Access Points in the same building: Setup each of them with the same broadcast / SSID

The KEY is setup each access point on a different channel - 5 channels apart from each other.

Ex. AP1 = 1 , AP2 = 6 and AP3 - 11

This way for a "roaming" client , they will acquire and connect to the strongest signal closest to the wireless client / end point.

Choose non-overlapping channel to minimize interference when deploying muliple APs that are in the range of one another.

Channels are 22 MHz wide, but only separated by 5 MHz.

Using 2437 as center frequency the signal covers between 2427 to 2447. The signal spans over the center frequency of 4 channels but encroaches on 6 channels signal span.

Site survey using a spectrum analyzer can determine other sources of 2.24 GHZ interference.

Use the following Channels between all AP's

Channel allocation per AP

1, 6 and 11
2, and 7
3, and 8
4, and 9
5, and 10

Also one other cool thing about these AP's as they do support "Mesh Mode" or WDS ...

Wireless Distribution System (WDS)

Using a WDS to connect Access Points wirelessly extends a wired infrastructure to locations where cabling is not possible or inefficient to implement.

Note: Compatibility between different brands and models of Access Points is not guaranteed. It is recommended that a WDS network be created using the same Access Point models for maximum compatibility.

Also, all Access Points in the WDS network need to use the same Channel and Security settings.

To create a WDS network, please enter the MAC addresses of the Access Points that you want included in the WDS. There can be a maximum of four access points.
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Comment from a recent install / interesting ...

Just got off the phone with EnGenius Support.

They had noted that the best solution for your requirement is to use the Access Point that was sent to you / as they do not support repeater solutions where the main wireless device is “indoors” with a requirement to provide wireless to an outdoor environment.

The Best solution is to in-fact , install an access point which is the device that was sent to you / but here is the trick the engineer had mentioned to me:

Option the “wireless” router that is inside to use “Channel” 1 for the wireless.

Then option the ENH202 EnGenius for the same SSID and same Passpharse for wireless security as the indoor wireless router but option the AP as Channel 11

This will give “enough” / Channel space between the two locations as to provide a “roaming” wireless environment.

Just be sure to install the ENH202 in an area that points and is in line of sight of the general location of where the wireless user will be.

Here is EnGenius technical support info:

(888) 735-7888 x 517
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